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Building libmsp430.so on Linux

24 Jul 2018

The following instructions are for building release Y of libmsp430.so from source on a 64-bit Debian-like Linux system for use with MSPDebug. These instructions may be applicable to other systems.

First, install prerequisite packages (Boost and HIDAPI). On Debian Stretch, you can do this with:

apt-get install libboost1.62-all-dev libhidapi-dev

On older releases, you may need to alter the version number of the Boost package, and/or install HIDAPI from source.

Download the source archive and the corresponding patch:

Unpack it and apply the patch. The archive doesn’t create a top-level directory, so you need to do this yourself:

mkdir libmsp430
cd libmsp430
unzip ../slac460y.zip
patch -p1 < ../slac460y-linux.patch

You should now be able to build and install:

sudo make install

If the preceeeding commmands complete successfully, you should now be able to do “mspdebug tilib”. Be sure to use a recent release of mspdebug (preferably from git) for compatibility with the latest library API.